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I suck at bios. Am horrible at telling interesting things about myself without embarassing myself at the same time. So I stick to the basics: My mind is forever active; always thinking and asking questions. I enjoy reading. Love writing. But if it were up to me, I'd love for a lifetime because love, is an animal that as untamed as it is, it's perfect.

Thursday, August 8, 2013


All she wanted was to swim freely and comfortably without stress or the fear of impending tears to moisten dry skin chafed from waring with life. To be able to wake and welcome the rising sun with a heart not full of malice or contentment. She wanted life to be what she'd waited for it to be; she needed it to be worth the wait. Her days were long and the strength she put into them just to make it out stressed her already aching back like a mother pushing her child into a life she'd spend forever protecting him from. The crows who visited on yester days left their mark at the vertices of her gently worn chestnut brown lids. The struggle for her, by all means, was and is real. There is no escaping it and even if it were, she wouldn't because she recognizes the beauty in life's hard times.