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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

on the fence

Mistakes are expected in life on the simple fact that we're human. And depending on how we're hardwired to function, others mistakes are sufficient enough; but often, we have to make our own. This is expected. Whether you were made by a man and woman because of a night of heavy, hot, and sweaty lovemaking, or due to doctors initializing your creation in a petri dish - we came from a woman's womb and she birthed us one way or another. So, we're supposed to make mistakes, have slip ups, do some things the wrong way to discover the right way.

But there comes a point and place in life when these mistakes become foolish and most times, selfish decisions that we think for one reason or another, will never catch up to us. Yet, when they do, we become defensive and don't know how to deal.

We cause pain to those who we know, without a shadow of doubt or an inkling of reservation, love us to their core. We do to them what we know we ought not to. What we know, quite possibly that if and when these selfish decisions we call mistakes reach the shorelines of their existence, they may not return as the individual we've always known them to be. Yet, we still decide to slip up.

"Mistakes" are preventable. Because they are decisions made by adults who have enough cognizance to know the difference between right and wrong, have just as much ability to walk away as they do to engage in such decisions.

But, consequences are a part of this human life too. So if and when that person who loves you to their core builds up enough power and strength to leave well enough alone, and decide for themselves that they deserve more and better, this is a consequence to your mistakes. And you can't be upset. Nor angry. Nor frustrated. Unless, it is with yourself.

This is no on the fence issue. This is no maybe or what if issue. This is about life and about when the people who we trust to do us right, doesn't do so. When the person who is done wrong, eventually has no choice but to move on, or drown in their own misery for staying.

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