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I suck at bios. Am horrible at telling interesting things about myself without embarassing myself at the same time. So I stick to the basics: My mind is forever active; always thinking and asking questions. I enjoy reading. Love writing. But if it were up to me, I'd love for a lifetime because love, is an animal that as untamed as it is, it's perfect.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Challenge Disguised In Self-Love

the easiest thing in this life is holding onto what we know. the hardest thing is letting that thing or person go. it takes nothing to revert to feelings felt before, stating words repeated 50 million times before, or even, crying old tears. but to do what's never been done before, and sticking to it, is our greatest individual challenges. it, is the greatest show of self-love that we can give ourselves.

there's nothing easier in this life than to go back. but equally, there's nothing more rewarding than giving yourself permission to let go and free yourself of whatever it is that has a hold of you.

give it a try. and see just how much your life changes - for the best and better.


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