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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year from GirllNexxDoor

speaking from first hand experience, 2011 was downright cruel. but i made it out alive, laughing, smiling, and happy. it ended in a way that juxtaposed perfectly against the trials i endured during and throughout the year. so at the end of the day, not much and nothing else mattered.

there are no new year resolutions, we're just continuing on the path to conquer and achieve, to successfully complete goals that have already been put into motion. but most importantly, we're not looking back. and i hope you aren't either. there's nothing there but memories, some good and some horrid. there are no repeats, you can't go back there and for some of us, me included, we don't want to go back. 

so while some of us are still in our 2011 closing outfits, some in pajamas, some in nothing at all, and some, quite possibly wearing the contents of your belly from indulging a tad bit much in the night's celebratory alcoholic beverages, lets make 2012 memorable. make it worth while. make it what we want and what we dream.

i wish you and yours nothing but wealth, success, peace, and insurmountable amounts of blessings. you deserve to be here, because otherwise, you wouldn't be.


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