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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Traveling This Horizon

I sat on the horizon
amongst mermaids and sea urchins
lost sails and floating bottles
from last year's Independence Day
with skipping rocks that'd lost their way
and an emptiness all around
as I beckoned you to join me in the journey
for the search for forever,
for peace,
for something in life
that the city just can't provide.
At night I'd dance with the stars
and begged the Moon to let me see the world
as he does,
to see Italy, Dubai, and New York all at once-
to learn what it means
and what it feels like to lose myself
in what God's made.
But then in the morning,
with the rising of the sun
and setting of the great moon
as the waves settled and began to sway softly,
I found myself still on the horizon,
realizing but no longer compromising
that there are moments in life
meant to be traveled with others
but then, there are those moments in life
meant to be traveled with ourselves.

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