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Saturday, June 30, 2012

may be LOVE.

There are no blinders that hinder her sight.
There are no walls caging her heart.
There are no shackles bounding her to then and its possibilities.
There are no memories to encompass her with guilt.

She has found something,

that may be LOVE.

He is easy and honest; intelligent and worthy.

He is sensual and sexual from toes curling and hands sliding
up, down, and around sheets to
arms grasping waists and fingers wrapping around one another
as they drift to sleep - together.
He is understanding and endearing
the way men are and boys don't know how to be.
He is the 15 minute conversations at 4am
easing her back to sleep
and the early morning good mornings
that make days wonderful.
He, to her, is right on time,
though he's been there all along.

She has found something,

that may be LOVE.

And with no expectations,

nor gripes,
she has reached a point of comfort
and anticipation,
a point where realism and dreams meet.
They have something that they're nurturing,
with no rush,
no date nor time - no deadline,
just emotions and feelings that are known,
and understood, 
that are respected and cradled carefully.

They have found something,
and it just may be LOVE.

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