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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This Long

tears streamed down his face
as he begged
for her forgiveness
of his insecurities
and shortcomings
admitted that his faults
were his way of beating her
to the punch.
a grown man,
now emotionally stripped of every stripe
he'd earned growing up as a hood boy,
stripped of every piece of game
he'd ever played,
stripped of every bit of unfaithfulness
that he'd committed.
it'd taken him this long
to realize she was worth his love,
worth his faithfulness
and security,
worth the late nights full of bore
but full of love that no one
but them
could re-create.
it'd taken him this long
to realize she was it.
to realize that she was the girl
who was more than worth being wife
and mother
and barer of their future.
to realize that her tears
should not have been cried
and dried
by the thermal fitted sheet
and cotton flowered comforter-
but by him instead,
yet he wasn't there
to dry them
to catch them before they fell-
or to keep them from falling at all.

it'd taken him this long
to comprehend her hurt
to see the heaving chest
and bloodshot
tear struck eyes
that it wasn't clear
on whether love
was enough anymore.
it'd take him this long
to realize the most important things
to make it all work,
he pleaded,
hoping and praying
on Bible verses
and shooting stars,
that it hadn't taken him too long
to realize she was gone.

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