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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Defining Moment

The feat was difficult
and emotionally raw;
it pulled plucked and pinched
at her heartstrings until tears formed
and attempted with their mightiest
bit of strength
to show themselves
while attempting to expose
a weakness that is unfounded in 
women like her.
She knew it was time
to put it on the table,
present it
and leave it there,
to allow it to form itself
into a being that she hoped (and prayed)
it was meant to become.
She knew it was time
to stop convincing herself
of what she had no proof of.
She knew it was time
to let what she allowed
to torture her thoughts
and invade her dreams
to come to a halt-
it was time,
to let him in
while destroying the fortresses
she'd created around herself.

And with a press of a button
a tightness in her chest
and tears pushing the shorelines
of her ducts
it had to be done
and was.

And in the end,
it was all worth it
and just want she'd always wanted.

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