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Sunday, April 1, 2012

No Good Samaritan

Shall you:
set fire,
not a drop of piss
to offer relief.
stomach empty,
curling and doubling over 
in sheer agonizing pain,
not a crumb from this plate
to ease your woes,
to moisten your insides,
or comfort your troubled spirit.
gasping for air
as your lungs kiss one another
seeking a piece of life
to avoid death's shrieking call-
to halt it's galloping hooves;
no, these lips shall not touch yours
to knock the dust off of this CPR.
insane in the medulla oblongata,
the chaise is out of commission
and the prescription pad,
is empty.

in and full of love
gave life with her passion
and dedication in every waken
and sleeping moment.
offered and gave
her heart that you took
and damn near sucked the life out of.
so no,
no good samaritan acts
or feats
on behalf of humanity
shall be exuded from this body.
she'll stand and watch you heave
and cry
just as you did her -
as she walks away
and doesn't dare look back.

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